KENT INTERNATIONAL 2018 -  23rd June

TJC were out in full force at the Kent International tournament! Well done to Amalie,Keira, Karina, Fraser, Harry, Aurthur W, Toby, William, Thomas, Arthur B, Theo, Kajus, Lily, Cijay, Annalise and Ellie K, a superb performance from everyone!

TJC left with 10 medals! 3 x Gold for Thomas, Lily and Ellie, 2 x Silver for Karina and Amalie and 5 x Bronze for Kiera, William, Arthur B, Kajus and Annalise.

5th place for Theo.

10th June Worthing Yellow belt and below

6 TJC players including Fraser, Ellie, Isabella, Amalie and Thomas all attended the Worthing Yellow belt and below competition and all left with well deserved medals! Well done guys!

Fraser- gold

Ellie - bronze

Amalie - bronze

Thomas - gold

Isabella - gold

5th May Junior and Senior English Open

Well done to James 7th place in a tough group of 25! And to Molly junior gold senior silver! Great results, well done.

Bushido 29th April

10 of our younger and newer players took part in the Bushido competition in Tunbridge Wells. Superb fighting from everyone!! Golds for Keira, Karina and one of our younger members. Silver for Amalie, Harry and Toby. Bronze for Evie.Ellie, Isabella and another of our newest members.

Well done everyone!!

English Open - 28th April

Beau, Max, Cijay, Lily, Annalise and Ellie took part in the English Open in Walsall. Everyone fought really well in a touch tournament. Silver for Beau and Lily and 7th for both Annalise and Ellie. Well done everyone.

Northern Ireland Open 21st April

Beau, Lily, Annalise and Ellie all took part in the NI Open in Londonderry. Fantastic results from everyone! Gold for Beau and Lily, Bronze for Annalise and 5th place for Ellie. Well done guys!

Kent Closed 8th April

Fantastic results from TJC at the Kent Trials! Well done to Annalise, Amalie, Arthur, Harry, Kajus, Karina, Keira, Lily, Theo,Thomas and William!













Sportif International Tournament - 31st March - 1st April

Well done to Cam, Luca, Lily, Annalise, Sarod, Kajus, Amalie, William and Thomas who all took part in the Sportif Tournament. Everyone fought extremely well - with some super throws and great contests!
William McCarthy - Silver

Lily Harding - Silver
Luca Bradley - 7th
Thomas Eardley - 7th

Cameron Bradley - Bronze

On 25th March Beau took a brilliant 5th place representing GB at the Bremen Masters Tournament! Well done Beau!

Huge well done to Cameron who secured a fantastic 5th place representing GB at the Brazillian Grand Prix on 18th March!


A brilliant day for us at the Southern Area Open!! A total of 17 medals from our 15 competitors! Well done everyone you all fought superbly!

Toby Barton - Silver
Theo Bradwell - Bronze
Harry Creasy - Silver
Kiera Semete - Gold
Karina Semete - Silver
William Mccarthy - Bronze
Kajus Semete - Gold
Author Bradwell - Gold & Bronze

Pre Cadet:
Thomas Eardley - 7th u42kg
Sarod Rehman - 5th u46kg
Amalie Jones - Bronze u48kg
Lily Harding - Gold u57kg

Max Brett - Bronze u73kg
Cjay Vickerman - Silver u73kg
Lily Harding - Silver u57kg
Ellie Kearley - 5th u63kg

Cjay Vickerman - Bronze u73kg
Lily Harding - Bronze u57kg
Ellie Kearley - Silver u63kg

Saturday 24th February - some of our youngest players took part in the Bushido competition at Rose Hill School in Tunbridge Wells

Fraser - gold

Buddy - silver

Leonardo - silver

Well done boys!!

Saturday 24th February - our junior players attended the Moberley Starts Tournament in London

Harry - silver

William - silver

Archie - silver

Thomas - silver

Theo - silver

Aurthur B- bronze

Aurthur W - bronze

Amalie - bronze

Tobie - bronze

Great results - well done everyone and special thanks to Cameron for coaching :)

Well done to Cameron who competed at the German Open Championship taking Gold in the VI U21 category!

27th January Midland Area Open

Great day at the Midland Area Open- well done everyone!


Gold Lily Harding  U57

5th Luca Bradley U50

5th Sarod Rehman U46


Silver Cameron Bradley U81

5th Annelise Carew U52


Bronze Cameron Bradley U81

 20th and 21st January 2018

TJC had a very successful weekend at 3 competitions, everyone competing left with a medal!

Southern Area Schools:

Kajus, Keira, Karina, William and Toby - Gold

Theo, Connor - Silver

Sarod, Arthur - Bronze

South Coast Open:

Lily - Gold in orange/green belt category

Sarod - Gold in both red/yellow and orange/green categories

Thomas - Bronze in both red/yellow and orange/green categories

Scottish Open:

Molly gold in both Junior and Senior

Ollie silver in junior

Tom bronze in junior

A huge well done to all those that took part in the British Championships 2017. Beau, Cameron, Sean, Max, Lily, Luca Annalise, Tom, Ollie and Mollie. TJC had a great tournament with nearly all players making it into the medal stages.

Medals went to the following:

Beau - Gold

Sean - Bronze

Lily - Bronze

Ollie - Silver

Molly - Bronze in Senior and Silver in Junior

On the 19 November William,Kiera, Karina, Lily, Thomas, Amalie, Archie and Sarod took part in the South Coast U16 Open.

Well done guys, you all fought brilliantly.

On 4th November Annalise, Beau, Cam, Lily, Luca, Max and Sean took part in the Pre Cadet and Cadet Welsh Open,

everyone performed superbly! Cameron, Sean and Annalise all left with two fantastic wins, just missing out on bronze.

Luca fought extremely well in a very difficult category and left with Bronze, Lily won 3 out of 4 taking silver and smashing it again Beau won 4 of 4 taking home another gold!

Well done to all of you, great work!!

On Sunday the 29th October, Cijay and Lily headed off to Weston Super Mare to take part in the Western Area British Schools Regional Championship.

Cijay was the only Y10 in his weight category and had to fight in the Y12 & Y13 group, he had two tough contests and fought very well in both.

Lily won all four fights taking gold in her category.

Well done to you both.

On 28th October Beau travelled to Belguim with the GB Squad to take part in the Flanders Judo Cup and came home with a gold for the second year running!! Great work Beau, well done.

Well done to  Amaile, Annalise, Arthur, Cijay, George, Lily, Sarod, Theo, and William who all attended the London Green Belt and Under tournament at the University of East London on 21st October.

Sarod - gold

Annalise - gold

Lily - silver

William - bronze

On the 5 October Harry, Thomas, Fraser, Buddy, Keira, Karine and Amalie attended the Bushido Holmewood House Tournament in Tunbridge Wells.

TJC had a great day with all members taking home a medal!

Well done guys!

Harry - gold

Buddy- gold

Thomas - gold

Fraser - gold

Karina - gold

Keira - silver

Amalie - silver

On the 14th October Olly, Sean, Beau, Lily and Annalise set off for Holland to take part in the Alkmaar International Open tournament.

This was a tough tournament and all 5 fought brilliantly! Beau won all his fights winning gold! Ollie won silver and Annalise bronze! Well done guys fantastic work!!

On the 23rd September Annalise, Cameron, Lily, Luca and Hannah took part in the Northern Home Counties Competition at the University of Hertfordshire.

Great effort from all players! Well done to everyone and Lily for her gold.


12th & 13th September 2017:  

Well done to Ollie, Sean, Jake, Lily, Kajus, Keira and George who all competed at the Eastern Area Championships

Ollie - Gold in both Junior and Senior !!! Fantastic results!

Jake - Gold

Sean - Silver

Lily - Bronze

Kajus - 5th place